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Our Partner - Special Cooperations

  • eCRF:
    AMEDON GmbH, Lübeck

    AMEDON is a specialist in the development and marketing
    of web-based solutions for data acquisition and the evaluation
    of newly-developed drugs as well as telemedicine applications.
    For this AMEDON offers, amongst other things, a customer-
    specific electronic Case Report Form (eCRF). The essential
    feature of these products is the decentralized input of data and
    centralized data acquisition and collection via the Internet.
    In particular, direct data input via measuring equipment and data
    acquisition systems illustrate the innovative energy and unique
    character of the company.
    Clients are provided with individual system solutions which are specifically tailored to meet all their needs thus providing maxi-
    mum customer value. Thanks to standard Internet solutions no
    special software is required.
    AMEDON creates solutions that support the workflow, create transparency, and saves plenty of time.

  • Dr. Kley
    GQS mbH (External Partner for QA)

    Pascoe Naturmedizin

    PASCOE Naturmedizin, a family-owned company with entrepre-
    neurial spirit and scientific curiosity, continuity and a sense of
    responsibility, has been engaged in the human health for 90 years.
    PASCOE offers a comprehensive spectrum of approx. 200 products,
    diverse ideas and solutions for a number of areas of application.
    Due to its many years of experience, PASCOE knows the wants of
    its customers: products that meet the demand for gentle medicine -
    without side effects when possible - with proven effectiveness at the
    same time.