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The M.A.R.C.O. Quality Philosophy

1. Quality is the Basis of our Services

Client satisfaction combined with high scientific standards is our primary goal. It is achieved by competent, friendly cooperation and by delivery of high quality products and services in time. Quality assures the existence of our company.

2. Quality by Cooperation with our Clients and Service Providers

Honest, close, flexible and transparent collaboration with our partners is our major issue.

3. Quality of our Staff

Products and services are provided by our employees. Selection of appropriate employees, continuous training and development of our staff guarantees a high level quality for our clients and highly motivated staff.

A timely identification of non-conformities, and an open, honest communication is the basis for continuous improvement.

Employees take individual responsibility and are actively involved in continuous improvement of processes that enhances their understanding of quality. This approach further guarantees continuous improvement of the entire quality management system.

4. Quality by Continuous Improvement

Establishment, maintenance, and continuous development of our quality management system lead to continuous quality improvement. This requires for all staffs a clear commitment to quality and a constructive contribution.

5. Quality by Leadership

Management formulates attainable quality objectives, provides the necessary resources and supports the staff accordingly. Management ensures that the responsibilities and authorities are clearly defined and communicated within the organization. Management appoints a management representative (quality manager), who has the responsibility to ensure that processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented and maintained.