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The Quality at M.A.R.C.O.

(I) Structural Quality

  • We have a quality management system based on ISO9001 principles in place.
  • We have an independent quality assurance.
  • Our quality management system is audited at least once a year by external auditors.
  • We have a change management system for our quality management system.
  • Our quality management system is assessed regarding its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness in an annual management review.

(II) Process Quality

  • Internal processes are well-documented and single steps comprehensively defined. All processes conducted are audited at least once a year by internal audits.
  • Dedicated project teams share all relevant information from the very beginning (study synopsis) to the end (analysis and reporting).
  • Effective interaction between all parties and groups.
  • Quick and valuable responses to sponsor requests.

(III) Product Quality

The primary interest of the institute is to provide the client with high quality products.
Essential aspects of high quality are:
  • Compliance with scientific standards
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Correct and precise products (e.g. reports)
  • Compliance with the client’s requirements
Our products are proofread by a "second set of eyes".